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About us

We are a team of professionals with years of experience in the development and implementation of Computer Solutions for document management, who put all the effort and knowledge in improving and optimizing the work processes of our customers, with the aim of adding security and value to all users of our Solutions.


Values: Agility is our differentiating factor. Innovation is the value that drives us. Flexibility is the way to customer satisfaction. Fun is the pillar that motivates us.


Partnerships: EAD Digital RO and EAD Group established several partnerships, which intend to maintain and streamline, partnering with a set of specialized companies to enhance synergies that enable the development of consistent and innovative technological solutions.


EAD Group Mission: Provide our customers with document management and digital transformation solutions, in a personalized way, aiming at providing excellent services.


EAD Group's Vision: Understanding the constant changes in society and predicting the dematerialization of paper as an improvement for companies and state entities processes, for more than 12 years that EAD has been developing digital solutions for its clients. Today, EAD provides it’s clients with tailored cut tools, using the RWS software, a state of the art DMS software, developed in-house.


EAD Group Policy: The EAD Group works towards the satisfaction of all interested parties in a perspective of sustainable growth of its business.

- We offer innovative services and products in the field of Document Management, aiming to meet their expectations and continuous improvement.
- We act in a personalized way, aiming the specific needs of each client.
- We follow the evolution of document management practices and technologies as well as digital transformation processes, seeking to anticipate customer needs and market trends.

- We value everyone's involvement and commitment to the Group's strategy, procedures and objectives.
- We ensure the well-being, health and safety of employees by providing them with adequate working conditions, spaces and equipment.
- We act pre-emptively, complying with OSH requirements and improving our performance to minimize risk and preserve the safety and health of our employees.
- We involve employees in the implementation of good practices, aiming to improve environmental performance and prevent pollution.

- We invest in a common project aiming to add value and promote return for all.

- We work in partnership with a joint growth perspective.
- We engage suppliers in the implementation of best practices, aiming to continually improve environmental performance and prevent pollution.
- We promote the reduction of use of resources necessary for our activity (Electricity, Fossil Fuels, Water Resources,…) and their recycling (Paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.). We ensure the security of all information, always taking into account the policies established by the Group, ensuring its Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.
- We implemented a Business Continuity Plan in order to ensure that in the event of an incident, information regarding Stakeholders is safeguarded and impacts minimized.

All Stakeholders:
(local, regional, official entities)
- Objectives for the GIS are defined and periodically monitored according to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015, OSHAS 18001:2007 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
- We comply with legal, normative requirements and subscribed principles, within the scope of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015, OSHAS 18001:2007 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
- We promote the reduction of the use of resources necessary for our activity (Electricity, Fossil fuels, Water Resources, ...) and the recycling of these (Paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.). We ensure the security of all information, always taking into account the policies instituted in the Group, guaranteeing its Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.
- We have implemented the Business Continuity Plan to ensure that in the event of a claim, the information regarding the Stakeholders is safeguarded and impacts minimized.
- Commitment to continuous improvement and the effectiveness of the EAD Group's Management System, for the ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015, OSHAS 18001:2007 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 benchmarks.


EAD Digital Romania services are supported by accredited technicians, certified processes and robust technology, essentially aiming at increasing the efficiency level of your organization and reducing operating costs.

BPO & Scan

We provide BPO services for accounts payment and employees records: Accounts payable automation will expand your control, visibility and tracking, streamline accounts payable processes and improve the monthly financial closing. You can track and annotate invoices and purchase orders using the dashboard. These accounts payable solution will eliminate paper and the burden of low-value work to the staff. AP automation can also:

Digital Archive and Workflow

Digital Repository for the storage and preservation of digital information in various formats. Tailored cut technological platform for access and consultation. Ad-Doc and Procedural Workflow compatible with client's operating/managing internal system.

Application Development

We specialize in providing integrated management solutions, tailor-made solutions development, workflow applications, interfaces that allow to implement and monitor your projects while minimizing costs.

Media Conversion

Quickly and consistently migrate media (CD´s & DVD´s) to Hard Drive, enabling digital preservation, information replication and faster access to information and can optionally enjoy convenient, simple and secure EAD Digital Cloud solutions.

Implementation and Performance of RWS Service

The RWS can be customized to the Client´s size and needs. Will be developed in two phases: implementation and performance. The first consists of identifying needs and bottlenecks of the Client processes and document flows, presenting solutions, creating flows and a platform to operate them, providing the necessary training and dry-run trials. The second phase consists of putting the solution into practice, providing the needed maintenance and troubleshooting.

Catalogue of Services

The catalogue of services to be implemented will be analysed case by case, by the task force, dully framed to the company´s needs and using the DMS – Document Management System from EAD, RWS (Read, Write & Share). What drives us is the integrated vision of the company’s operation, even if the flows can be implemented by any area in the company:

Related Services


Locking down the physical office will always imply to leave someone behind to take care of certain activities that require human intervention, such as a post mail reception and its handling. Then, some problems might come up as this person might not know exactly what to do with the different correspondence that arrives at the office, since the whole team is out of office. The present service takes this into account and provides a post mail management service which consists of diverting the correspondence to our facilities, that will be handled according to the workflows and document triage mentioned above, in the services catalogue.


This is no longer a necessity, is the NOW. Convert Paper to Digital, not only reduces the costs with physical space allocated to archiving, but also allows on-time access to all important company’s documents. In the context of the service presented above, massive scanning of the main company’s documents, will not only allow the access to day-to-day documents, circulated between departments, but also to historical documents, such as contracts, that are fundamental to support decisions of any department, when remote working. The access to these documents can be categorized by department and level of confidentiality.


When we mention “remote working”, we tend to think of someone sitting at home with a PC in front of him. Many times, this isn’t the reality. Collaborators from sales or logistics, spend the majority of their time “on the road”, leaving normally the back-office duties for the end of the week or whenever they have the opportunity to go to the office. This causes delays and inefficiencies to the other departments, such as invoicing or operations. Together with the service above, we offer an app that allows the capture documents on the spot and automatic upload them to the workflow created for this purpose or a department. This will allow all departments to work in real time, increasing the company’s mobility, all with high security of treatment of the information.


Digital Signature

Allows to sign documents, that can be automatically generated, with a Digital, certified signature, already accepted by a considerable part of Public Institutions. With the late developments of social distancing in Romania, the government has been putting a lot of effort into digitalizing the public institutions and avoid the direct contact between the public and these institutions. Digital signature of documents started to be more and more accepted and the tendency is to increase. This can save considerable amounts of time in the relation with public authorities in the execution of mandatory legal procedures. Such signatures are legally binding.

Digitalized Signature

Allows to integrate in the document automatically the image of the signature of the issuer of the document. this allows the user to issue and send documents, not requiring digital signing, without having to print them and scan again, after signing them.




Years of Activity


Users Digital EAD Solutions

50 TB

Stored Documents


Millions of Scanned Pages

Our Team

Our team is made up of highly qualified, dynamic and dedicated professionals, ensuring the best solution for your project.

Liviu Zamfir

Chief Executive Officer

Business Administration Graduate by the Economic Studies Academy started his professional endeavor as branch manager of a large telecom. Later embraced the challenge of joining the start-up team for a Israeli archive multinational, entering the Romanian market.11 years later and in the position of COO, the company ranks top three in size and leads in services quality. Part of the EAD Digital Romania team since inception.

Marco Santos

Information Technology Administrator and Executive Director.

Board Member since 2018, after 12 years as CIO of EAD Group. Graduated in Electrical and Computer Engineering by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Marco Santos is responsible for the development of the IT Department and Digital solutions by leading several projects within the EAD Group, namely Read, Write & Share (RWS), a document management software and SaaS workflow to support customers' digital document processes, currently with more than 5.000 users. Since 2017, is also the General Manager of Fin-Prisma, an EAD Group company specialized in the development and implementation of IT solutions for document management, and member of the task force for the internationalization of EAD Group.


Our Products

Is a document management solution & workflow, made available in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, customizable according to the needs of each organization, and suitable for companies of all dimensions.


The document management perspective. All needed hardware for supporting the tool, maintenance, scalability and updates, are included in the package service delivered as long as the needed safety copies and Disaster Recovery.


The latest developments in IT technologies and solutions are making the physical office more and more obsolete. If a company is able to provide enough conditions and access for performance and efficiency from home, similar to those in the office, the employees will appreciate and certainly the return and satisfaction will be bigger.

In our days and in cities with chaotic traffic such as Bucharest, an employee is spending, in average, 1 hour commuting between home and office twice a day. This adds to the lack of parking spaces and rush hour anxiety affect people’s daily work. The management of the offspring’s curricular and post curricular activities are another concern for the average worker. One of the main reasons why people want to work remotely is because it offers them a more flexible lifestyle. When they aren't required to be in an office during a set time frame, remote employees can focus on the things that matter to them out of office and still comply the work amount of time agreed with the employer.

Remote work allows companies to enable each employee with the right tools to optimize their day to day processes. Even one day a week out of the office might allow each employee to view their work from a different perspective.

Latest developments deriving from the SARS – COVID 2 pandemic reinforced the need of cutting the cord with the physical office, by adding to the wellbeing of the worker, also his safety. This safety can be translated in two-fold, in one the safety of the individual, if the worker gets infected, he will not produce for a considerable period of time and two, the safety of the organization, as if someone is tested positive, the office will have to be shut down for disinfection and quarantine until deemed safe again. This will imply relocation of people and equipment and testing for all staff that contacted with the infected worker. Both cases translate into considerable losses for the organization.


As mentioned above, the developments in IT technology have been paramount in the last years, allowing that things unthinkable some years ago, to be now normal and common. Things like the video/teleconference calls were requiring expensive equipment and connections, are now at armlength with platforms like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft teams, etc., requiring only a connection to the web, thru PC or smartphone. Internal meetings or Client meetings can now be made from anywhere, keeping the face-to-face comfort and closeness.

EAD Group has been spearheading these types of technologies by creating and constantly improving technologies as the RWS platform, our document management software, offering their Clients constant improvement and efficiency and flexibility of their internal processes, consequently benefiting their collaborators wellbeing.

The last events connected to the development of the pandemic and the growing need of solutions to overlap the quarantine and social distancing measures imposed by the state or sanitary authorities, we found ourselves impelled to develop a product that can guarantee the “business as usual” needs of our Clients, on document management perspective.


EAD Digital offers the Client the possibility of remotely station the employees, on recurrent or non-recurrent basis, without affecting the workflows or the functionality of the business. This product is mostly directed to back office and support services of a corporation and focused on documents, physical or digital, management, in what concerns workflows, handling and archiving. Allows workers and top management to access company´s documents on real time, improving the internal processes of several departments, such as Finance, Acquisitions, Sales, Client support, HR and Operation.


Digital archiving reduces companies’ costs with more than 20%

According to data provided by EAD Digital, the most important player on the Portuguese digital archiving market, also present in Romania, companies that choose to transform their physical documents into cloud accessible e-documents can reduce their costs with more than 20%.

EAD launches the E-Adeverinta service that ensures the digitization of historical archives

The pension file, a nightmare for almost 150,000 Romanians and the companies they worked for: EAD launches the E-Adeverinta service that ensures the digitization of historical archives

Digital archiving reduces companies’ costs with more than 20%

According to data provided by EAD Digital, the most important player on the Portuguese digital archiving market, also present in Romania, companies that choose to transform their physical documents into cloud accessible e-documents can reduce their costs with more than 20%.

Focus La Prima Oră, Trend IT: Digital Transformation - Vantages and Benefits

One of the largest Portuguese companies in the field of archiving brings to the Romanian market its own solutions through which it transforms the physical workflow of documents into a digitized one. And here appear numerous benefits, from the efficiency of the employees' activity, the costs regarding the renting of the spaces, to their reduction.

EAD: Romanian entrepreneurs, reluctant to digital archiving

Main reasons invoked are the legislation regarding accounting documents and fear of cyber attacks

Romanian entrepreneurs, reluctant to digital archiving of documents

Less than 500 million pages have been scanned in Romania in the last 3 years, out of a potential of nearly 3 billion

Romanian entrepreneurs, reluctant to digital archiving

According to EAD data, the largest Portuguese player in the digital archiving market, also present in Romania, more than half of Romanian entrepreneurs are reluctant to digital archiving of documents, amid fear of cyber attacks, but also considering the legislation in force. This legislation stipulates that some documents must be kept in physical form for five years, but others must be kept for 10 or even 50 years.


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